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St Marks and Hesters Way

Community Centre

Brooklyn Road



GL51 8DS

Tel: 01242 690025 


Luncheon Clubs
Zumba Dancing, Slimming Classes,
Loong Mang Pai,
MS & Parkinson’s Keep Fit,
Recreation for persons with learning difficulties,

War Games,
Tea Dance,  
.....and much more.


This site is still  under consrtuction Please be call back at a later date

A Brief History

The Community Centre started its life just after the war in 1945.

The wooden huts used by the American Army who were based here on this site, were given to the residents of St. Marks to use for leisure purposes. It became a Community Association in 1947.

These wooden huts were used for a great many years until the volunteers who ran them had enough funds to build the Rima Hall in the 1950’s.

The Rima Hall included a theatrical stage, kitchen and new toilets. Other rooms have been added at various times over the years, including bars, skittle alleys, billiard room, additional toilets and meeting rooms.

In the 1970’s Cheltenham Borough Council employed a youth worker who became the Warden. He worked part time, running the centre for a few years until this service was eventually rescinded.

Since then we have been totally self supporting. It became the St. Marks and Hesters Way Community Association in 1986 when the Hesters Way Social Club and Institute amalgamated with St Marks.

 The centre is run by the Executive Committee who deal with the day to day running and the Association Council which is made up of Officers, Borough and County Councillors, Sections, Affiliated groups and Individual Members.